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The Importance of Networking for Veterans: Part 2 – The Resume

As I said in the last post, networking is an incredibly stressful element of any job hunt; whether you are a veteran or not. In the previous post, we touched on some of the core competencies of networking. In this post, I wanted to hone in on the resume element of a job search.

Your resume is the bread and butter of your job search. You need to make 100% sure that it is foolproof. Here are my top three tips to make sure your resume pops and gets you the resume.

  1. Focus on what you did as opposed to what your duties were. We all know what an administrative assistant does, but an interviewer or potential employer wants to see how you will benefit their company not what your job details are. Explain to them, in particular, what you did to personalize the role. How did your employer benefit from having you onboard?
  2. Less is more! Unless you are looking for a job in leadership, remember that less is more. You do not want to overwhelm your interviewer with multiple resume pages instead, keep it to one page and double-sided if you must have two pages.
  3. Remember the rule of quantity versus quality. Numbers speak, so use them to your advantage. For my job hunt, I had to let future employers know how many switches and routers of various manufacturers I have configured. Likewise, if you have saved your company $100,000 by switching to a new vendor, make sure you put that in your resume.

I hope that some of these tips help any of you who are exiting the military and have some questions. Again this is just the basic guideline. If you have any in-depth questions, please feel free to email me using my sites contact form.